the best kind of flirting: the flirting where apparently neither of you knew you were flirting but APPARENTLY EVERYONE ELSE DID


I love that type of flirting. *she says while sitting in a corner of a room with the lights off doing physics homework and checking gmail for friend request*

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"What type of guys are you interested in"

<b> </b> Hardest question of my life. At first I'm like yaaaaaaas Indian guys, but then you walk past the basketball court and I'm like "LOOK AT ALL THESE ASIANS" (plot twist) hahaaaaa!<p><b></b> But no, in all seriousness it shouldn't be about the looks. When I was younger the only guys I liked were the cute ones, but when you get older you realize that that's the wrong frame of mind. Liking someone has to do with their personality, and more or less, the qualities that you may not have. For example, there's this guy I know. Not super attractive, but he has the nicest voice and he's so polite. Just his character is what makes me want to know him. I'm not saying that I'm not a polite person, but I'm more straight forward and argumentative (law is lyfe) than most girls.<p><b></b> The take away is that I enjoy him more than I enjoy his face. He's opposite of me., yet still similar in some ways.<p><b></b> Example number two, I'm more a nerdy preppy school type of chic, very religious too. BUT I love rap music and classical opera and bollywood. The point I'm making is that I like people who are well-rounded and expect the unexpected. Just because I wear a cute face and high pony tail does not mean that I'm not a lowkey thug with Bo$$ capabilities. Or that if Im an altar server I dont know how to turn up.<p><b></b> Guys need to learn that not all girls are the same. I for one like guys who can understand me. Who are sweet and polite, and can just chill. Not about the GPA just yet.<p>

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"What are your bestfriends like"

My bestfriends probably don't even knw that they are my bestfriends tbh. It takes a lot. For one, here's a list of things I hate

1. Moody People

2. Fake People

3. People who get exemptions

We cannot even be friends if you fall into any of these categories. Therefore, you can conjecture that my bestfriends are not moody but always real and keep it 100%. They are genuinely good people and aren't the type to gossip. Lastly, they are capable of being trustworthy and reliable. I can't stand favoritism so they always got my side.

Rather than these strict rules we gotta have inside jokes, be shopping buddies, and have the same interest type in guys.

I just recently figured out that I have two bestfriends. One that I see everyday one that I don't . I hope that we each develop those long lasting relationships with one another and continue to build our foundation as friends. Everyone needs that someone.

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"When's the last time you realized that you liked someone a lot? "

<b> Mizz :</b> Just recently I realized that I have an amazing group of friends. These people that I interact with are positive, supportive of me, and non-dramatic. I can relate to my friends, help my friends, and I feel that we have become closer of the years. In some ways, I actually love them. A lot.<p><b></b> Its not too often where you find people who you can go days without seeing and still be the same-ole buddies.Regardless of gender, I will say that my wide range of friends have made me a better person...socially and academically. There are times where you have a group that doesn't push you to strive for excellence, but when all your friends are amazing in every way, there's no way that you aren't amazing as well.<p><b></b> I have a great foundation of people who I feel deeply connected to and I am so greatful to have met them. They probably aren't aware of the impact that they have had on me, but I hope they know that I really care<p><b></b> Luv yas<p>

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Me: You're my Grand Canyon..

You: Aww

Me: Disappointing in reality and only good when you're the first one to explore